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The Phillips ToUcam Pro

I am just starting to play with a webcam for astro imaging. Using a Dob, about all I can do is the moon and planets because I have to use such short exposure times to keep the objects from drifting in the field. I do see on the web that there are a number of different solutions to that problem. I am sure that before I am done, I will have tried several of the proposed solutions. This does keep things interesting. That is definitely a goofy looking camera, but it seems to take pictures that are satisfactory for use on the web. All the images on this site were taken with the ToUcam.

Some things I have learned.... Taking a video with the webcam and stacking the frames usually ends up with a better image than single shots. Try AstroStack or Registax for this. You might also find a little program called avi2bmp to be of use. It enables you to extract individual BMP's from an avi video. Very helpful!!!

A couple of other things to know if you are using the Toucam. Steven Mogg of Australia has put together some very helpful aids to make imaging with a webcam much easier. You might want to check out his site. I am using his WebCam adapter and I just got his Focal Reducer and am beginning to experiment with it. So far, so good!!!

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