Lunar Image Mosaic


This shot was taken on 12/9/03 with the ToUcam Pro webcam. The images used to assemble this mosaic were taken at prime focus with the new Nexstar 11 GPS with a .6 Mogg reducer in place. The program iMerge was once again used to assemble the 30 stacked images that make up this mosaic. Yes, I missed a spot... Actually, I tried to assemble a shot of the entire moon that evening, and captured over 100 avi files when I simply ran out of disk space on the computer I was using. I have yet to assemble any additional mosaics from the avi files I captured. Just not enough time to get everything done.... The actual size of the mosaic I assembled from those 30 images is over twice the size of this image. I shrunk it to this size to make it load in a reasonable period of time.

The Moon

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