M11 Image Close-Up


The first M11 shot below was also taken with my Nexstar 8 GPS. I took the picture with the SAC 8 camera in July of 2003. Actually, I was not impressed with this shot when I first took it, but after aligning a number of shots using Stellar Magic VII (a nice freeware program) and stacking them in Registax, the shot sort of grew on me.... The Wild Duck Cluster is one of my favorite eyepiece targets. It is very beautiful.

The second M11 shot (see, I told you it was one of my favorites) was taken with my new Stellarvue 80/9 riding piggyback on the Nexstar 11 GPS. I took the picture at prime focus with the SAC 8 camera on May 29, 2004. I guess there is something to be said for aperture... but if you hadn't seen the first shot, the second would probably look better.



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