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Sharpless 2-277 - The Flame Nebula

This image of Sharpless 2-277, the Flame Nebula, was taken with the Hyperstar 3 equipped Nexstar 11GPS on 2/26/13 under the light-polluted skies of Tempe, AZ. This image is the result of a stack of 30 second subs taken with a "monofied" Nikon d90 with an Astronomik Ha clip filter placed in the Nikon. See the "Project Nikon" section of this website for more information about this unique camera. This was "first light" for the Nikon d90, and it shows a bit. I really hadn't figured out how to use it properly yet. But I think I did catch a decent Horsehead Nebula image while I was shooting at Sharpless 2-277.



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