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Sharpless 2-231, 2-232, 2-235

This is an image of three Sharpless objects taken at the same time with the Hyperstar 3 equipped Nexstar 11GPS on 3/10/13 under the light-polluted skies of Tempe, AZ. This image is the result of a stack of 30 second subs taken with a "monofied" Nikon d90 with an Astronomik Ha clip filter placed in the Nikon. The larger nebula in the lower center of the image is Sh2-232. The brighter nebula just above and to the right of Sh2-232 is Sh2-235. The very dim nebula above Sh2-235 is Sharpless object Sh2-231. The two dimmer objects probable reflect the furthest I can go with 30 second exposures and the Nikon d90. It took some pretty extreme processing to bring out the two fainter objects. To go for any fainter objects than these, I will probably need longer exposure times, even with the Hyperstar lens system.



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