NGC 6871 - Open Cluster and "The Redneck Nebula"


This image was taken with the Hyperstar 3 equipped Nexstar 11GPS on 8/01/09 under the relatively dark skies of Dewey, AZ. When I shot this object, I was trying to capture Sharpless 101. Unfortunately, I read that NGC 6871 was very close to Sharpless 101 and since the Sharpless objects are not available in my goto scope data base, I used NGC 6871 as a proxy. Well, NGC 6871 is close, but not close enough. To make things even worse, NGC 6871 sits in a nebulosity very similar in size and color to Sharpless 101. I could tell that I was shooting a nebula from my subs and didn't find out about my mistake until I had processed the image and compared it to shots of Sharpless 101 on the web. My nebula did not match the nebula known as Sharpless 101. Further, it turns out that the nebulosity around NGC 6871 seems to be a "no-name" nebula. I have decided to call this nebula the Redneck Nebula. Hey, I think I earned it, I didn't get my Sharpless object, and I am a redneck...

Redneck Nebula.jpg

The camera used was the modified Canon Rebel 1000xs. This image is a stack of about one hundred twenty 20-second ISO-1600 subs stacked in Nebulosity 2. The shot below is a close-up of part of the "Redneck Nebula."

Redneck Nebula.jpg

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