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M42 - The Great Orion Nebula

This is my latest effort at the Orion Nebula, taken 11/25/11. Like Andromeda, I have taken many shots of M42 over the past few years. It is big, bright, and easy. But I am always trying to get a better image. This shot represents a combination of the increased detail of a black and white shot taken in Tempe with my new mono Atik 314L+ camera along with the color data from a shot taken with a Canon digital camera. The Atik camera was mounted on my N11GPS telescope with the Hyperstar 3 lens system installed. The color data was from a shot taken with a Canon EON 1000xs using my Orion 102 APO telescope, and was taken up in Dewey on 10/21/11. I must say that I am very pleased and impressed with the increased detail I can achieve using the Atik camera. I really didn't know what I was missing.



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