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Art for the Untalented...

Well, by now you know that I love to do astrophotography. You might have also guessed that so far, I am not very good at it. This past weekend, we toured a number of artist studios in Cave Creek Arizona. I guess you could say that this has "inspired" me to try to "improve" on my images in a non-traditional fashion. You will have to decide for yourself if this has been a reasonable move, or just a waste of electricity...

This started as an image is of C63, the Helix Nebula. I guess it still looks something like the Helix, but this is what happens when I just have too much time on my hands...

C63 Negative

The Horsehead Nebula is one on the most recognizable objects in the night sky. Everyone takes pictures of it, or want to be able to take pictures of it, or have seen pictures of it. Even after playing with it, you can still tell what it represents. I really like the way this turned out.

Horsehead Double Negative

The Rosette Nebula is another of those "icon" objects. I hope you like my modifications...

Rosette Negative Image

Just playing with the Rosette. Shooting for an "Andy Warhol" effect here. This actually demonstrates my complete lack of artistic talent, in my humble opinion...

Rosette Montage

Still playing with the Rosette Mosaic and the "Andy Warhol" effect. Just taking it a couple of steps further down the road to insanity...

Negative Rosette Montage

OK, now this one I like. This is the Great Orion Nebula, after it has been subjected to several of the special effects available in Paint Shop Pro.

Orion Nebula.jpg

This is the Horsehead after even more special effects. I sort of like this one, too...


This is M16, the Eagle Nebula, after the application of certain special effects.


This next image is M13, the Hercules Globular Cluster, after the application of a couple of Photoshop effects.



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